Ocean View Elementary School Home

Principal Kim Songer with some Ocean View students.


At Ocean View School we care about children. We believe that all students have the right to a quality education, and our mission is to provide an excellent educational program for all students. We strive to provide an integrated program, aligned with California State Standards, that help students develop the ability to think and make decisions, develop self-esteem and concern for others, and encourages a love and excitement for learning. We continue to learn about ways to enhance learning for students and modify our program with well-balanced improvements as needs arise. Our goal is to help students become well-educated, thinking, caring citizens who can be successful in a rapidly changing world.

Opening the Door

At the East Whittier City School District, we are preparing our students to be 21st Century citizens by teaching them five essential skills: Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical thinking and Community. These skills will open the door to our students' future education, careers and other important areas of their lives.
Opening The Door To Every Child\'s Future Poster


Screenshot of COVID-19 School Guidance Checklist cover

COVID-19 Safety Information

Click on the title link to view East Whittier City School District’s COVID-19 Prevention Program and School Guidance Checklist.